Quincy Interviews Open Source Legends The Changelog for their 10

Quincy Interviews Open Source Legends The Changelog for their 10
Quincy Larson interviews The Changelog hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo as they celebrate 10 years of open source podcasts. Then they interview him for freeCodeCamp's 5 year anniversary. Full Timestamps:

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0:00 Quincy’s intro
3:06 interview starts
4:35 Adam’s journey from a poor town to the military
9:55 Adam joins the military, climbs in rank, serves overseas
18:00 Adam returns and goes into sales
29:05 Adam gets his first job in tech at a consultancy
34:40 Adam gets into podcasting
37:15 Adam starts The Changelog podcast
49:40 “Podfading” starts and how Jerod stepped in to help
58:31 Jerod’s origin story
1:04:56 Jerod gets stranded for 2 years in government agency limbo
1:13:30 “An overnight success that took many years”
1:19:51 The 3 C’s
1:22:05 The Changelog “goes pro” and becomes a profitable business
1:36:34 The creation of Go Time and other Changelog podcasts
1:41:50 Breakmaster Cylinder and the music of The Changelog
1:50:52 How the lightning-fast Changelog website was written in Elixir
1:58:32 Open source contributors to changelog.com and key show hosts
2:11:42 Adam and Jerod on the open source conference scene
2:22:09 The next decade of The Changelog
2:29:16 Closing out The Changelog interview
===|The Changelog interviews freeCodeCamp|===
2:31:49 The 3 pillars of freeCodeCamp
2:37:50 Lessons Quincy has learned over the past 5 years
2:43:10 Getting to scale and millions of monthly users
2:50:19 The growing job market for developers and how to get a job
3:00:05 How freeCodeCamp survives and intro to the team
3:04:42 The freeCodeCamp international community
3:09:40 freeCodeCamp’s curriculum and expanding it
3:17:45 freeCodeCamp’s infrastructure and the JAM Stack
3:22:57 The freeCodeCamp publication and explanatory tech journalism
3:29:34 How freeCodeCamp escaped the “content platform” trap
3:31:28 freeCodeCamp’s budget and the laser focus on efficiency
3:39:30 Why 100% of the donations go toward programs and 0% go toward fundraising
3:44:00 Why Quincy turned down all offers to acquire freeCodeCamp
3:46:05 Chapter - freeCodeCamp’s open source Meetup.com alternative
3:55:25 The future of freeCodeCamp


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