AI in the Browser

AI in the Browser
AI in the browser! Learn TensorFlow.JS with us! Bring deep learning demos of your research papers, commercial or side projects to the browsers!

AI and Machine Learning are starting to make the Web an even cooler place. Creative, never-before features in websites that are 100% AI-driven is about to be a significant force. Recently, I did a live-stream coding session with Jason Lengstorf’s Learning with Jason, where we detected faces in the browser and overlayed cool spooky masks.

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While coding and having fun, we actually came up with a few other ideas! The show was a ton of fun, and the live audience overflowed with enthusiasm and even their ideas as well.

I’m excited because I’m taking part in some new tech. I’m excited because I’m using my developer brain to build cool stuff without the PhD. And, I’m excited because as cool as my ideas are, people like you are going to come up with better and more interesting uses for AI in the browser.

Over the past year I’ve seen people use Machine Learning in the browser to, identify drawings, control smart lights, and even control video game characters on stage:

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During this time, I’ve enjoyed making some elaborate and fun things. Recently in a hackathon for the City of Baton Rouge I made a camera that served as a blighted property detector. For a conference talk I made a Rock Paper Scissors detector. For all the small companies who have user-uploaded content I made a library for detecting indecent content — NSFWJS.

For the rest of humanity, I made a web page that can detect if a person is or is not Nicolas Cage 🤣

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Mobile App Version Talk here ->

The list of ideas is growing faster than I could ever produce code. Even my AI friends on the team at Infinite Red are posting ideas!

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Sorry, I can’t share her idea with you…. yet!

None of the above ideas are industry disruptors but applied to your business, they could be! Our company works in Web/Mobile with JavaScript, but more and more clients are showing up with AI in mind. Many of our latest AI integrations are simply applying AI features to an existing vertical or adding new features to their existing apps!

So this begs the question. You know how to code right? So how can you jazz up your mobile and web apps? How can you add features that will make the projects you work with part of the future?

Getting Practical

The first thing that holds most people back, is they’re unfamiliar with what’s possible. For that, I created a free 5-day mini-course that helps people get their heads around some of the basics.

But as for building exciting libraries, plugins, CLIs, mobile apps, and websites, you’re going to need more than examples. That’s why I’m happy to announce that I decided to create a much larger course for JavaScript devs.

Beginning Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js

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In the course, we focus on the real-world skills needed in order to properly process Machine Learning in the browser with TensorFlow.js. Meanwhile, those same skills can be applied just about everywhere JavaScript can be applied. The Google team has already applied TensorFlow.js to React Native, and has ambitions to accelerate and grow TensorFlow.js to work with Web Assembly.

So I guess the question you have to ask yourself. Is getting started in this cool stuff something you’re up for the challenge for? The crazy inventions are going to happen, so are you in or are you out?

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Gant Laborde is Chief Innovation Officer at Infinite Red, published author, adjunct professor, worldwide public speaker, and mad scientist in training. Clap/follow/tweet or visit him at a conference.

I also help run the FunMachineLearn Twitter account.


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