ARIA HTML Tutorial - What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!

ARIA HTML Tutorial - What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!
ARIA HTML Tutorial - What is ARIA & Why it's Important to Use!

Today, we’re going to touch on an often overlooked subject in frontend development, although it’s very important. And that is ARIA. ARIA is an acronym that stands for “Accessible Rich Internet Applications”, and it’s a set of attributes that help make your websites/web apps more accessible/usable to people with disabilities, such as blindness.

While there are many ARIA attributes and different use cases, we’re not going to take a look at all of them. The purpose of this video instead, is to shine a light on the importance of understanding and using these attributes. With the assistance of a chrome plugin (ChromeVox), you will find out just how difficult it can be to navigate your way around a UI without sight – and how using these ARIA attributes will help the user experience.

Some resources:

ChromeVox (Free chrome extension):
– To disable/enable the plugin, the shortcut is SHIFT-ALT-A-A

NVDA screen reader (Free screen reader for Windows):

Let’s get started!

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