Plan, Code, and Deploy a Startup in 2 Hours Full Stack JavaScript

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Learn how to plan, code, and deploy a full stack JavaScript app in only two hours.

This video covers:
⌨️ React front end w/ Hooks
⌨️ Simple Node-Express API
⌨️ Cron worker to fetch data
⌨️ Simple filtering algorithm
⌨️ Redis + node-redis
⌨️ Deployment (NGINX on DigitalOcean droplet)

💻 Code:

Useful links:
🔗 Create React App:
🔗 Material UI Docs:
🔗 Google Domains:
🔗 DigitalOcean:
🔗 Certbot (SSL):
🔗 NGINX config article:
🔗 Install Node on Ubuntu Article:

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