Vue.js Live Conference 2021

Vue.js Live Conference 2021
Watch the stream of Vue.js Live. Day 1 #VueJSLive #VueJS #GitNation

Watch the stream of Vue.js Live. Day 1 #VueJSLive #VueJS #GitNation

0:00 Pre-conference countdown
58:10 Conference starts
59:59 Welcome with Floor Drees and Ari Clark
1:09:48 Evan You - One Year into Vue 3
1:32:50 Break
1:48:48 Alexandre Chopin - Welcome to Nuxt 3
2:06:21 Break
2:19:05 Back with Floor Drees and Ari Clark
2:23:27 Eduardo San Martin Morote - Everything Beyond State Management in Stores with Pinia
2:51:13 Break
3:08:10 State Management Panel discussion with Kia King Ishii, Eduardo San Martin Morote, Vanessa Otto
3:45:20 Nick Teets - How developers can use Automated Application Security Testing to Protect Vue Apps
3:52:13 Mike Hartington - A New Kind of Abstraction
3:59:15 Simon Zhong - Identify Issues and Prevent Slowdowns in your Vue.js Apps
4:06:40 Joe Lenton - Utilizing Rust from Vue with WebAssembly
4:15:06 Break
4:21:15 Natalia Tepluhina - Local State and Server Cache: Finding a Balance
4:48:26 Break
4:58:03 Evyatar Alush - Vue Form Validations with Vest
5:20:57 Break
5:31:25 Closing Ceremony
5:41:03 Break


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