Django For Everybody - Full Python University Course

Django For Everybody - Full Python University Course
This Django tutorial aims to teach everyone the Python Django web development framework.

This Django tutorial aims to teach everyone the Python Django web development framework.

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✏️ This course was created by Dr. Charles Severance (a.k.a. Dr. Chuck). He is a Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he teaches various technology-oriented courses including programming, database design, and Web development.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
00:00:00 Why Teach Django?
00:07:04 Web Applications and the Request/Response Cycle
00:13:07 Exploring the HyperText Transfer Protocol
00:29:35 Using Sockets to Make Network Connections in Python
00:36:08 Building a Simple Web Browser in Python
00:44:47 Building a Simple HTTP Server in Python
01:00:53 Understanding Browser Developer Mode
01:10:35 The Structure of a Django Application
01:17:39 Installing Django on PythonAnywhere
01:34:32 HTML - HyperText Markup Language (Part 1)
01:40:25 HTML - HyperText Markup Language (Part 2)
01:54:17 Code Walk Through HTML
02:08:14 CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - (Part 1)
02:21:00 CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - (Part 2)
02:36:02 CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - (Part 3)
02:49:41 CSS - Sample Code Walkthrough (Part 1)
03:03:05 CSS - Sample Code Walkthrough (Part 2)
03:28:53 Using GitHub With Django and PythonAnywhere
03:35:48 Using ngrok to Submit Assignments to DJ4E
03:41:53 How Databases Work
04:00:49 Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
04:12:33 Demonstration: Basic SQL
04:19:09 Introduction to Django Models
04:39:06 Data Model Migration in Django
04:47:00 Demonstration: Django Single Table Models
04:58:08 Resetting your Django database on PythonAnywhere
05:03:54 Django Models - Many-To-One Relationships - Music Database
05:18:03 Model View Controller in Django
05:25:09 URL Routing in Django
05:32:08 Django Views
05:38:27 Inside Django Views and HTML Escaping in Django
05:54:02 Using Templates in Django
06:04:07 The Django Template Language (DTL)
06:15:05 Inheritance in Django Templates
06:21:11 Reversing Django Views and URLs
06:34:02 Understanding Django Generic Views
06:50:29 Forms, GET, POST, and HTTP
06:58:48 Building HTML Forms
07:16:28 Forms and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
07:16:28 CSRF Support in Django
07:25:43 The POST Refresh Pattern
07:29:09 Cookies in Browsers and Django
07:38:51 Using Sessions in Django
07:51:24 One-to-Many Models Overview
07:57:16 Removing Replication in One-to-Many Models
08:05:51 Storing Primary and Foreign Keys in a Database
08:08:37 Representing One-To-Many Models in Django
08:18:33 Using the Django Shell to Explore One-to-Many Models
08:26:17 Loading One-to-Many Data using a Django Batch Script
08:38:32 Creating and Managing Users in Django
08:42:17 Login and Logout URLs in Django
08:49:40 Using Django Login in Views
08:59:55 Using Django Forms Capabilities
09:13:20 Walkthrough of the DJ4E Autos Sample - Generic Django Edit Forms
09:49:30 Data Validation with Django Forms
09:58:42 Exploring the DIY Hello World Django Application on Localhost
10:22:24 Exploring the DIY Hello World Django Application on PythonAnywhere
10:36:38 Virtual Hosting of Django Applications
10:36:38 Owned Rows in Django - Overview
10:42:39 Owned Rows in Django - Generic Views Review
10:52:56 Owned Rows in Django -
11:05:58 Walking through the DJ4E My Articles (myarts) Sample Code
11:18:26 Walking through the DJ4E Bootstrap Menu (menu) Sample Code
11:48:37 Walking through the DJ4E Crispy Forms (crispy) Sample Code
12:02:57 Many-to-Many Overview
12:08:31 A Simple Many-To-Many Example in Django
12:21:05 Many-To-Many Data Models for Courses and Membership
12:29:42 Building a Django Batch Script to Load Data from CSV
12:46:31 JavaScript - Overview and History
12:56:29 JavaScript - In the Browser
13:10:31 JavaScript - The Language
13:34:28 JavaScript Functions and Arrays
13:34:28 JavaScript Conditional and Loops
13:41:05 JavaScript Object Oriented Concepts
13:45:25 JavaScript Object Oriented Classes
13:58:37 Walking through the DJ4E Pictures (pics) Sample Code
14:31:41 Walking through the DJ4E Forums (forums) Sample Code
14:57:07 jQuery and the Document Object Model
15:09:44 Using jQuery
15:38:16 Walking through the DJ4E jQuery DOM sample code
15:49:29 Walking through the DJ4E jQuery setup sample code
15:57:42 Walking through the DJ4E jQuery events sample code
16:05:59 Walking through the DJ4E jQuery DOM modification
16:10:26 JSON/AJAX Overview
16:24:40 Walking through the DJ4E JSON Sample Code
16:30:41 Building an AJAX Chat with Django
16:40:34 Walking through the DJ4E JSON (chat) Sample Code
16:58:26 Walking through the DJ4E Favicon Sample Code
17:02:36 Walking through the DJ4E Social Login Code
17:11:23 Walking through the DJ4E Favorites (favs) Sample Code
17:41:41 Walking through the DJ4E Search (well) Sample Code
18:03:10 Behind the Scenes: Welcome to Django for Everybody - Why Django?

This course is licensed under CC BY.


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