Build Real Time Face Detection With JavaScript

Build Real Time Face Detection With JavaScript
In this video we will be setting up real time face detection through a webcam using AI. This AI is so quick that we are able to draw in real time the various faces and expressions of every person in the video without much performance overhead.

We will be using the Face API JS library built on Tensor Flow to setup the face detection.

By the end of this video you will have fully functional real time face detection on your site which can be used with any webcam or phone camera. If you want to see a part two of this video make sure to let me know in the comments below.

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Part 2 (Face Recognition) Tutorial:

📚 Materials/References:

GitHub Code:
Face API Library:
Models Used:

🧠 Concepts Covered:

  • Streaming a webcam through HTML
  • Using Face API to detect faces in real time
  • Drawing facial landmarks in real time
  • Determining emotion through facial expressions in real time


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