Top Online Tutorials to Learn Flask Python

Top Online Tutorials to Learn Flask Python
Flask is a micro framework of Python that is used to build web applications. By the word micro framework, we are not limiting the abilities of Flask. Flask is equally good for larger applications as it is for smaller ones.
1, Python Flask for Beginners: Build a CRUD web app in Python 3

Learn to build dynamic web applications using Python and Flask | The most practical course to learn Flask

Did you ever want to find out how powerful is Python when it comes to web development ? Then this course is for you.

The demand for Python developers is growing by day and this course has been developed to make sure you are being equipped with the right skills

This course has been rightly designed to help you get comfortable with building web applications using the Flask framework of Python.

You will be provided with the most practical implementation of Python and Flask. No fluff guaranteed.

Flask is a micro framework of Python that is used to build web applications. By the word micro framework, we are not limiting the abilities of Flask. Flask is equally good for larger applications as it is for smaller ones.

This course will teach you Flask right from the basics, covering more advanced topics where you will finally build a blogging application using Flask.

You’ll learn how to -

Build a dynamic web server using Flask
Add templates to your Flask application
Use the Jinja2 templating engine of Flask
Basic Create, Read, Update, Delete queries of MySQL
Connect your Flask application with a MySQL database using flask-mysqldb
Add basic styles to your application using flask-bootstrap
Integrate your the blogging application written using Flask with a text editor called CKEditor using flask-ckeditor
Understand what are GET and POST requests
Handle a user session
Hash sensitive information submitted by the user
Python has been one of the most easiest language to program. This course assumes that you are comfortable with the basics of Python such as variables, data types, functions and so on. It is also expected that you know the basics of HTML and CSS.

I have tried to keep the explanations as simple and practical as possible, and I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’ll always be available to answer any questions that you might have as you progress along.

Udemy offers you a 30 day money back guarantee. **Your money is safe. **I’ll be happy to help you with a refund in case you are not happy with your purchase.

There is absolutely no risk involved. Enrol into this course and give a worthy upgrade to your Python skillset. I’ll see you on the inside :)

Who is the target audience?
Developers who are familiar with Python and looking to enhance their skills
Students who are looking for a very practical implementation to learn the Flask framework

2. The Python 3 Bible™ | Go from Beginner to Advanced in Python

Python - Complete Guide to learning how to program. Go from Beginner to Advanced level in Python with coding exercises!

=========================TESTIMONIALS =========================

“Everything is explained perfectly!” - Mouheb

“Great Teacher. I like his teaching style, step by step approach, easy to follow him. Lectures is very engaging. Well structured and organized course content” - Faisal

“Overall, this is a very high quality course. Taking the course has shown me what is possible even before I thought of searching for it.” - Kevin

“Great course overall! I started off as a complete beginner and feel much more confident about coding with Python” - Frank S

“Great set of Python Tutorials. The instructor walks you through the classes and materials in an easy to understand manor. A++” - Mirko

“Just did my first program very early on, which was exciting” - Chloe


If you want to learn Python to advance your skills, then this is the course for you!

If you have no previous knowledge or experience in Python, you will like that the course begins with Python basics. Even if you have some experience in programming in Python, this course can help you learn some new information you had missed before. Each section of the course is linked to the previous one in terms of utilizing what was already learned and each topic is supplied with lots of examples which will help students in their process of learning. Upon the completion of this course, you should be able to write programs that have real-life applications.

What I think is the best about this course is that you can search questions others have had, post your own questions, and get answers to challenges you are currently facing in learning and using Python. You get paid Python expert technical support in this course here to answer every single question you ask!

If you have any suggestions on topics that have not been covered, you can send them via private message. I will do my best to cover them as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this. I hope to see you in the course soon and I hope you will enjoy your time learning as much as I have!

3. Essential Docker for Python Flask Development

Learn how to effectively use Docker and Docker Compose to develop production ready applications

This course will teach you the essential knowledge required to integrate Docker in your everyday development flow. Docker is an easy way for developers to recreate a production-level server cluster locally in their desktop or laptop using very few resources.

A lot of companies and startups are moving to Docker, because it speeds up the development process and reduces the amount of debugging that occurs when they create software against different versions of their operating system and libraries.

The course covers the basic concepts and goes through the setup of different use cases, specifically Flask-related, from a simple web application to MySQL and MongoDB multi-server setups.

At the end of the course students will be able to write solid Dockerfiles and Docker Compose configuration files that will allow them to write software against reliable environments and without the need to install packages like Python, MySQL or MongoDB. Just install the simple Docker client for Windows or Mac and you’re set to go!

If you already know the basics of Flask and you are interested in how to setup Docker containers for their development, this is the course for you.

The course is divided in 3 sections:

Introduction which covers all the concepts necessary to understand how Docker works and how to install it

Simple Flask Containers which gently introduces to the basics of containers and how to write a good Dockerfile and how to interact with the containers

Docker Compose which goes into the composing part of Docker, where with one file you can spawn a complete architecture stack, like an application server and a database server running in parallel and synchronized as production environments do

The course has more than 2 hours of video tutorials as well as the source code at the end of each section, so that you can fork and play with the Docker setups.

The course can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete based on how much material the student completes daily.

Additionally we’re constantly updating the course, adding contents thanks to the feedback of our students.

Join this course and continue your path to becoming a professional backend web developer!

4. Python and Flask Bootcamp: Create Websites using Flask!

Learn Python step by step to help you solve real world problems, create games, and complete your own tasks!

Become a Python Programmer!

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for the Python programming language on Udemy! Whether you have never programmed before, already know basic syntax, or want to learn about the advanced features of Python, this course is for you! In this course we will **teach you both versions of Python (2 and 3) **so you can easily adapt your skill set to either version!

With over 100 lectures and more than 10 hours of video this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned! This course includes quizzes,tests, and homework assignments as well as 3 major projects to create a Python project portfolio!

This course will teach you Python in a practical manner, with every lecture comes a full coding screencast and a corresponding code notebook! Learn in whatever manner is best for you!

You will get lifetime access to over 100 lectures plus corresponding Notebooks for the lectures! This includes future updates covering Flask development and GUI creation!

This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied in any way, you’ll get your money back. Plus you will keep access to the Notebooks as a thank you for trying out the course!

So what are you waiting for? Learn Python in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

5.Python Network Programming - Part 1: Build 7 Python Apps

Learn Python From Scratch! Go from zero programming to building great network apps with Python. Full Python Apps Inside!

***** Course Went Live: May 2015. Last Update: December 2016 *****

***** Full Python Apps, Quizzes, Coding Exercises and Final Project are included *****

Before you read what I have to say, see what my students are saying about my courses:

_“What an incredible value and learning experience!” _by Sean A.

“Excellent material. Kudos to a great instructor with a vast level of creativity.” by Anthony W.

“I can say this man is going on smoothly and perfectly, explaining in the most empirical/foundational way.” by Kolapo A.

***** Why would you take this course? *****

Do you want to become a Python Developer without having to spend a lot of money on books and boring theoretical courses?

Are you a network professional who wants to ****start automating network tasks ****using Python?

Or maybe you’re seeking a raise or even a career change?

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