Full Stack Web Development with Angular and Spring MVC

Full Stack Web Development with Angular and Spring MVC

Welcome to the Full Stack Development with Angular and Spring MVC. For those of you, who don’t know Angular and Spring MVC, i would like give a quick introduction about these two technologies.

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Angular is one of the most popular front end Javascript framework for building web application, on the other hand, Spring MVC is also one of most popular Java framework for building Java Web Applications, using which we can build industry standard Java/J2EE Enterprise Applications.

So in this course we are taking an advantage of these two technologies and we are going to build a web application. The application that we are going to build is not a simple Hello World application, we are going to build an End-to-End Database Application, we are going to perform all the CRUD operations, like CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE.

What are we going to build in this course ?
In this course we are going to build a Book Management System, where the user can,
CREATE a book
READ a book
UPDATE a book
DELETE a book

How do we start this course?
We will begin this course by Creating a REST API which is a BOOK API and we are going to build this API using Spring MVC and we will make use of Hibernate as our ORM. The BOOK API provide a bunch of service end points which we are going to make HTTP calls on those service end points using Angular

Basic knowledge
Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript
Basic knowledge of Core Java
Basic knowledge of Spring MVC
Basic knowledge of Hibernate
Basic knwoledge of RESTful web services

What you will learn
So by the end of this course, you will have a better knowledge of Angular and Spring MVC. You will have a better understanding of how to integrate Angular and Spring MVC. You are able to create your own API and making a HTTP calls using Angular

What you’ll learn
You are able to create a web application using Angular and Spring MVC
You are able to make HTTP calls using Angular
You are able to create a RESTful API using Spring MVC
You are able to create a fully fledged Database application using Spring MVC and Hibernate

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