Vue.js Tutorial: Beginner to Front-End Developer

Vue.js Tutorial: Beginner to Front-End Developer
In this comprehensive course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you the fundamental concepts you need to start building applications with Vue 3.

In this comprehensive course, Jeremy McPeak will teach you the fundamental concepts you need to start building applications with Vue 3.

UI frameworks have drastically changed the way we write web applications. There are many frameworks to choose from, and picking one can be hard. In this course, you’ll learn why Vue.js is a great choice, and you’ll discover how to use it in detail.

You’ll start with building the simplest Vue components and learning to use core features like data binding, props, events, and computed properties. Then you’ll build that knowledge step by step with practical projects learning how to use the Vue CLI, forms, watchers, and custom events. You’ll also master key concepts like the Vue router and the Composition API.

By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in using Vue.js for all your front-end development projects.

Here’s what the course covers:

  1. Introduction
    00:00:00 1.1 Introduction

  2. Vue.js With no Tool-Chain
    00:02:31 2.1 Getting Started With Vue
    00:10:51 2.2 Using Loops to Generate Content
    00:17:00 2.3 Binding Data to Attributes
    00:25:11 2.4 Setting Up Events
    00:33:15 2.5 Binding CSS Classes I
    00:41:48 2.6 Using Computed Properties
    00:48:05 2.7 Binding CSS Classes II
    00:55:00 2.8 Introducing Components
    01:04:19 2.9 Understanding Data Flow

  3. Using the Vue CLI
    01:13:00 3.1 Getting Started With the Vue CLI
    01:21:30 3.2 Starting a Project From Scratch
    01:32:18 3.3 Applying CSS to Components

  4. Working With Data
    01:41:51 4.1 Using the created() Lifecycle Event to Load Data
    01:48:19 4.2 Working With Unset Props
    01:55:19 4.3 Deciding When to Load Data
    02:01:14 4.4 Working With Forms
    02:08:43 4.5 Validating Forms
    02:14:39 4.6 Updating and Filtering Data
    02:21:05 4.7 Using Watchers

  5. Creating and Using Custom Events
    02:25:19 5.1 Creating Custom Events
    02:32:48 5.2 Writing a Global Event Bus

  6. Using Vue Router
    02:44:37 6.1 Introducing Vue Router
    02:53:19 6.2 Using Route Params
    02:59:18 6.3 Loading Data for Views
    03:10:07 6.4 Watching Params to Reload Data
    03:16:57 6.5 Using the Router’s Active Class
    03:23:36 6.6 Nesting Routes

  7. Using the Composition API
    03:30:52 7.1 Introducing the Composition API
    03:40:26 7.2 Providing and Injecting Dependencies Into Components
    03:48:18 7.3 Accessing Props and Router Functions
    03:54:58 7.4 Binding Data and Working Wth Forms
    04:06:00 7.5 Defining Computed and Watched Values
    04:16:18 7.6 Implementing the Delete Functionality

  8. Conclusion
    04:20:42 8.1 Conclusion


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