00:00:00 Docker Crash Course Intro
00:02:15 Docker Overview
00:04:11 Installing Docker Desktop or Docker Engine
00:07:00 Virtual Machines vs Docker Containers
00:08:31 Virtual Machines Architecture
00:12:08 How I use Virtual Machines
00:22:28 Docker Containers Architecture
00:28:25 How Docker is running on different Operating Systems
00:32:27 Container processes and resources
00:38:20 Docker Components Overview
00:41:16 Docker Client
00:45:34 Docker Server
00:49:17 Docker Host
00:54:35 Docker Image
00:56:28 Docker Container
00:59:08 Docker Repository
01:01:44 Docker Registry
01:05:32 Docker Components Summary
01:08:00 Docker Commands vs Management Commands
01:12:41 Alternative Commands
01:16:29 Basic Container and Images commands
01:20:02 Cleaning up my Docker setup
01:24:51 Pulling images from Docker Hub
01:28:38 What is Docker Image
01:33:53 Creating new Container from the Image
01:40:58 What is CMD in the Docker Image
01:43:39 What is Docker Container
01:53:22 What is ports mapping
02:01:02 Enabling ports mapping for the NGINX container
02:14:31 Environment variables for containers
02:28:08 Volumes and volumes mapping
02:38:44 Enabling volumes mapping for NGINX container
02:54:34 Running applications inside of the containers
03:10:05 What is Dockerfile
03:19:28 Creating Dockerfile
03:32:38 Launching container based on the custom image
03:44:11 Trying to connect Python and Mongo containers
03:53:11 Attaching containers to the custom bridge network
04:02:47 Docker Compose and YAML
04:08:51 Launching services using Docker Compose
04:24:55 Writing documents to the database
04:34:39 Enabling Ports Mapping in Docker Compose
04:38:48 Using Volumes in Docker Compose
04:47:37 Docker Crash Course Summary
04:50:14 Publishing course project files to the GitHub


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