Build a full stack application with Node-RED

Build a full stack application with Node-RED
Build a full-stack application with Node-RED.Quickly build front-end, back-end applications or web services APIs using only visual blocks of programming

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Are you dazed with so many programming languages, frameworks and tutorials? Not enough time to learn the new “state of art” of the old programming languages, start your side projects or explain your ideas to investors? This course will teach you how you can create quick web applications yourself, win hackatons, dish killer demos, mashups, reports and alerts without coding!

Jump into the new paradigm of the so-called visual programming and start thinking in blocks with this complete step-by-step example of a media-monitoring application.

What you’ll learn
Walk through a full-stack application (front-end + web service + database + back-end)
How to build last minute “killer demos” to impress your boss
How to create useful dashboards for decision making
An introduction to one of the most advanced visual programming platforms

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