Python Data Science Day

Python Data Science Day
Join us for Python and Data Science content from subject matter experts in the community!

Join us for Python and Data Science content from subject matter experts in the community!

Agenda (subject to change):
9:00 Welcome to Python Data Science Day ⚡
9:10 Microsoft Fabric for Data Science, Jasmine Greenaway and Ismaël Mejía⚡
9:20 Revolutionizing Data Science Workflows, Sumukh M G ⚡
9:30 RAG using Semantic Kernel with Azure OpenAI and Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, John Aziz
10:00 Simplifying Data Analysis & Visualization (for non-Python devs) with AI, Nitya Narasimhan PhD
10:35 Getting started with Python using Data Wrangler in Microsoft Fabric, Sandeep Pawar ⚡
10:45 Buddy Driven Development, Bethany Jepchumba ⚡
10:55 Supercharging your Data Science projects with GitHub tools, Carlotta Castelluccio
11:25 Streamlining Data Preparation with Pydantic: A 25-minute Guide, Hasan Özdemir
11:55 Level Up Your ML Game: Building Models like a Pro with Microsoft Fabric’s Synapse, Vinayak Gavariya ⚡
12:05 Python Data Science Skilling - Cloud Skills Challenge, Aaron Stark ⚡
12:15 Dog vs Cat Classification Using Convolution Neural Network, Jyothi Swaroop Makena
12:45 FoodFighters Introduce the Foodwaste Hack, Alex Dean, Allgeier Schweiz
Christian Todte, Allgeier Inovar
12:55 Microsoft Fabric Hackathon Project Overview - AP Payment Prediction, Andrew Boerger and Mark Behne
1:05 Beyond Keywords: Image similarity search in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, Foteini Savvidou ⚡
1:15 Data Wrangler, Jeffrey Mew ⚡
1:40 Microsoft Fabric for Python Developers, Eren Orbey
2:10 Automated evaluation of LLM apps with the azure-ai-generative SDK, Pamela Fox
2:40 Analytics Solution over Document Repository with Microsoft Fabric and Azure OpenAI ⚡
2:50 PIInovators Demo ⚡
3:00 Application of Azure Computer Vision OCR Service in Extracting Text for NLP, Theophilus Owiti
3:30 Empowering Data-Driven Innovation: A Journey through Real-World Applications, Abdullah Awan
4:05 Breaking Data Silos with Semantic Link in Microsoft Fabric, Sandeep Pawar
4:35 Data Science: The Bear* Necessities, Renee Noble


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