The Business of Building Apps - App Product Management Course for Developers

The Business of Building Apps - App Product Management Course for Developers
Learn to turn your app solution into a reality. This course is for leaders, entrepreneurs and software developers.

Learn to turn your app solution into a reality. This course is for leaders, entrepreneurs and software developers.

0:00:00 Course Introduction
0:03:14 Unit 1 - Motivations for building an app
0:06:44 Unit 1.1 What is the value proposition of your app?
0:12:40 Do you need a web app or just a better website?
0:15:14 Categories of Apps – which app category is easiest to compete in?
0:34:24 Unit 1.2 Identify the problem you are trying to solve with your app.
0:36:19 Candy, vitamins or addictive painkiller?
0:41:59 Fulfillment, recognition, security
0:42:54 The Five Whys
0:49:58 Unit 1.3 How to discover a niche in the marketplace
0:52:59 Follow popular trend
0:56:39 Add a twist
0:58:21 Your own expertise
0:59:44 Problems in existing competition
1:04:34 Unit 1.4 Listening to users
1:11:44 Users that exist in the market
1:14:39 Get user feedback
1:24:54 Idea 2.0
1:28:17 Homework (Airbnb and Lyft, App Annie and Sensor Tower, Write an application plan)
1:48:44 Unit 2 UI, UX, MVP design
1:56:34 How to create user stories
2:02:14 Planning for an MVP
2:05:24 Unit 2.2 Designing an effective UI user interface
2:07:04 On boarding new users
2:09:44 The Google UI Case Study
2:10:14 The Photoshop Adobe UI negative Case Study
2:14:19 Effective UI elements
2:17:20 Don’t Make Me Thing Steve Krug
2:19:34 UI design templates
2:20:34 Design for your target audience
2:22:39 Unit 2.3 How to design an effective UX User Experience
2:23:24 UX is where Design strategy and Technology intersect
2:27:14 Application Flow
2:29:34 Measuring Conversion Rates
2:30:14 UX outside of the app
2:31:04 The User Empathy Map
2:35:39 Six principles for a positive UX
2:37:34 Unit 2.4 The MVP
2:38:54 The Lean Startup MVP concept by Eric Ries
2:39:39 Planning for future versions of your app
2:40:34 What is NOT an MVP
2:42:44 Zappos MVP Case Study
2:43:44 The MVP design pyramid
2:45:44 The purpose of an MVP
2:46:44 Keeping the cost of an MVP low
2:50:36 Homework (App Design Case Studies, Develop User Stories, Interactive UI prototype)
3:11:09 Unit 3.1 Marketing and Monetization for an App
3:12:34 The BMC Case Study
3:27:04 Unit 3.2 Monetization Strategies of Apps
2:28:29 Apple App Store vs Google Play Store revenue
3:31:14 iOS vs Android user value per customer
3:32:19 iOS vs Android market share in various countries
3:44:14 Unit 3.3 Marketing Your App
3:53:09 Unit 3.4 Dealing with Investors
4:04:44 Homework 3.1 Build a BMC for your app
4:07:06 Unit 4.1 Building Customer Loyalty
4:08:04 Why Customers Abandon Apps?
4:09:49 First-to-Mind solution
4:10:59 Compulsion
4:11:04 Morality of Addictive Apps
4:13:04 The HOOK app addictive model
4:32:49 Homework (Understanding Hook, Applying Hook)
4:38:54 Unit 5.1 Choosing the Right Tools
4:48:19 Unit 5.2 Nine Companies Who Nailed their App
4:59:31 Unit 5.3 Development Languages and Cross Platform Tools
5:18:58 Homework (Compare Dev Tools, Recommend a Development Solution)
5:27:34 Unit 6.1 Full Stack Considerations
5:28:20 Choosing a Database Backend
5:29:14 SQL
5:31:34 noSQL
5:35:09 SQL vs noSQL
5:44:04 Graph Database
5:50:09 Full Text Database
5:56:34 Vertical Scaling
5:59:14 Horizontal Scaling
6:01:54 Data Duplication in Distributed Databases
6:04:44 SQL Shards
6:13:22 Homework (Recommend Database Solutions, Explore API services)
6:20:14 Unit 7.1 Hiring the Development Team
6:20:54 Four Roles of a Software Development Team
6:21:54 Product Manager
6:24:19 Product Designer
6:29:24 Front End Developer
6:30:29 Back End Developer
6:36:04 Unit 7.2 Mobile vs Web Development
6:47:59 Unit 7.3 Agile Team Management
6:48:54 SDLC Agile vs Waterfall
6:49:44 What is Waterfall Development?
6:50:59 What is Agile Scrum Methodology?
6:56:42 The Product Backlog
6:58:04 Spring Planning
6:58:39 Sprint Backlog
6:58:59 What is a Sprint?
6:59:42 Product Increment
7:00:29 Daily Scrum
7:01:54 Sprint Review and Retrospective
7:03:23 Unit 7.4 How to Write a Job Requisition
7:19:04 Homework (Team Roles, Internal Job Requisition, External Job Posting)
7:32:24 Unit 8.1 Future Trends in Mobile Development
7:50:22 Homework (Review Past Predictions, Current State of Development Tools, Future Mobile Tech)


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