Vuejs Component to Work with Chocolat

Vuejs Component to Work with Chocolat
vue-chocolat .Vuejs Component to Work with Chocolat


VueJs component to work with Chocolat 🐴


In package.json

The component can be installed by executing

npm install --save vue-chocolat
# or yarn add vue-chocolat

In Component

Add it globally

import vueChocolat from 'vue-chocolat'

// ...

Vue.component('vue-chocolat', vueChocolat)

or locally

import vueChocolat from 'vue-chocolat'

// ...

export default {
  // ...
  components: {
    'vue-chocolat': vueChocolat
    // or even in a async way
    // 'vue-chocolat': () => import('vue-chocolat')


No properties are required altough you’ll have a better control over the component when using it.

  • items
  • options
  • selector
    • default: :scope > a
    • required: false
    • type: String

items create a gallery, selector creates a collection of clickable elements. You can’t use both of them at once.


Reference link

When creating a <vue-chocolat> component you’ll have access to its api by adding a ref attribute to it.

<!-- Name whatever you prefer instead of `instance` -->
<vue-chocolat ref="instance"></vue-chocolat>
someMethod() {
  const { api } = this.$refs.instance

  // see the reference link to full detailed information
  // etc

Todo list

  • [ ] Improve API interface


Examples can be found here:

Live examples can be found at Chocolat’s page.


Download Details:

Author: eliamartani


Source Code:


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