Learn Vue.js from Scratch - Full Course for Beginners

Learn Vue.js from Scratch - Full Course for Beginners
Learn and master one of the most popular frontend frameworks by building awesome projects

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Are you a javascript / frontend developer looking forward to improve your fields ? Search no more ! Vuejs is the most popular javascript framework in 2018. Yes, it is, and it keeps increasing in popularity and more and more companies keep adapting it.

Vue-js is really EASY TO LEARN. In this short video, I will take you from beginner to master in vue-js. I will teach you everything you need to be able to build applications with vue-js. After taking this course, you will have and know everything you need to build your own real world vue-js applications.

We are going to cover topics like
Reactive vue data
Displaying data
Form data collection
Displaying data sets
Event handling
Component reusability
Asynchronous api calls
JWT Authentication
Login & Signup
Loading state
Error handling
Frontend css frameworks integration
Application deployment

Who is the target audience?
Beginner frontend developers looking to add a frontend javascript framework to their portfolios
Advanced frontend developers looking to add Vue-js to their portfolios
Backend developers willing to start on the frontend

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