Build cloud architecture diagrams without leaving your IDE

Build cloud architecture diagrams without leaving your IDE
Introducing Diagrams: Diagram as Code .Build cloud architecture diagrams without leaving your IDE

I’ve built an infrastructure diagram drawing library. You can see it on GitHub and this website.

Diagrams let you draw a cloud system architecture in Python code. It was born for prototyping a new system architecture design without any design tools.

You can also describe or visualize the existing system architecture. Diagrams currently supports these major five providers: AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and Alibaba Cloud.

Diagram as Code also allows you to track the architecture diagram changes on any version control system.

Note: It does not control any actual cloud resources nor generate cloud formation or terraform code, but only for drawing cloud system architecture diagrams.

You can start with this quick start. You can go to the guides for more details.

Here are some examples:

from diagrams import Diagram
from import EC2
from import RDS
from import ELB
with Diagram("Grouped Workers", show=False, direction="TB"):
    ELB("lb") >> [EC2("worker1"),      
                  EC2("worker5")] >> RDS("events")

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from diagrams import Cluster, Diagram
from import ECS, EKS, Lambda
from import Redshift 
from import SQS 
from import S3  
with Diagram("Event Processing", show=False):   
    source = EKS("k8s source")      
    with Cluster("Event Flows"):        
        with Cluster("Event Workers"):          
            workers = [ECS("worker1"),   
        queue = SQS("event queue")  
        with Cluster("Processing"):       
            handlers = [Lambda("proc1"),                             
    store = S3("events store")    
    dw = Redshift("analytics")     
    source >> workers >> queue >> handlers  
    handlers >> store 
    handlers >> dw

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You can find all the examples on the examples page.

Thank you!


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