The Vue Tutorial for 2018 - Learn Vue 2 in 65 Minutes

The Vue Tutorial for 2018 - Learn Vue 2 in 65 Minutes
In this course, you're going to learn all about the major topics surrounding Vue 2 while building an actual app.

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Here is a “table of contents” with timestamps for each section:

  1. Installing Vue:

  2. Vue Components:

  3. Templating:

  4. Styling:

  5. Forms:

  6. Animation:

  7. Routing:

Course Description:

Vue.js is a JavaScript Framework that competes with Angular and React. It’s growing in popularity in 2018, and it’s a must-learn for the aspiring front-end developer.

In this course, we’re going to learn how to use Vue to create a real project. In doing so, you’re going to learn all about the fundamentals of this great framework.

::::::: You’re going to learn all about :::::::::

  • Installing Vue (Three different methods)
  • Vue Components
  • Templating
  • Styling
  • Forms
  • Animation
  • Routing

While learning all about this, you will build a simple app that allows you to add skills in a list-style app.

::::::: The benefits of Vue.js 2 :::::::::

  • Easy to understand as long as you know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • It’s incredibly versatile and works with a wide variety of other web technologies
  • It’s one of the smallest and fastest frontend JavaScript frameworks
  • Vue Components are very easy to understand with excellent organization
  • …and much more

This Vue Tutorial is really a crash course into learning one of the most popular frontend JS frameworks today. It’s just right for beginners who want to get up and running quickly, without being bogged down by excessive powerpoint slides and theory.

::::::: Requirements :::::::::

  • Understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript
  • An eagerness to become a frontend master!
  • So, if you’re ready to start learning Vue.js 2 today, let’s get started!

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