Build a Real Time Chat App With Node.js

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In this video you will be creating a real time chat application complete with usernames and connect/disconnect messages. You will use to manage real time web socket connections to a Node.js server that will allow you to communicate real time chat messages to all clients connected to a single server.

This entire project will take less than 100 lines of JavaScript and almost no HTML/CSS, but it is incredibly powerful what can be done with such little code. By the end of this video you will have a strong understanding of how to send and receive messages using web sockets and to make any real time application.

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šŸ“š Materials/References:

GitHub Code:

šŸ§  Concepts Covered:

  • Using to create web sockets
  • How to send messages to clients in real time
  • Handling user connection/disconnection
  • Appending elements with JavaScript
  • Sending messages to the server in real time