JavaScript Programming Tutorial Full Course for Beginners

JavaScript Programming Tutorial Full Course for Beginners
Watch this JavaScript tutorial for beginners to learn JavaScript programming from scratch. 👍

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⭐️Course Contents⭐️

Course Introduction 0:00
Setting Up the Development Environment 11:38
Basic JavaScript Syntax 23:53
Variables 37:14
Data Types 51:49
Type Coercion and Conversion 57:34
Expressions and Operators 1:06:25
Arrays 1:23:40
Function Declaration 1:34:54
Function Expressions 1:44:41
Decision Statements 1:56:44
Iteration Statements 2:11:29
Basics of Scope 2:23:54
Returning Functions from Functions 2:31:41
Object Literals 2:41:58
Module Pattern and Revealing Module Pattern 3:02:26
Closures 3:20:31
this Keyword 3:28:38
Destructuring 3:52:52
String Template Literals 4:00:31
Regular Expressions 4:07:22
Built-In Natives 4:17:56
Constructor Function Calls with the new Keyword 4:30:50
Objects and the Prototype Chain 4:40:20
JavaScript Classes 4:58:27
Arrow Functions 5:12:21
Truthy and Falsy Values 5:23:32
null Type 5:28:41
Date Objects 5:33:03
String Methods 5:38:53
Array Methods 5:47:42
Error Handling with Try Catch 6:00:30
Understanding the Document Object Model 6:17:34
Working with DOM Nodes 6:38:56
Course Conclusion 6:52:39

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